Kontias Stone Residences


Limnos is the 8th bigger island of Greece and 4th in cost line length .476 km2 of area and 260km of coast line. You can enjoy endless beaches which can cater for everyone’s tastes and likes. Organized with beach bars and water sports or isolated for private relaxation.

Ten thousand years of history are also here to be explored.

  • The ancient theatre of Hephaestia. The main city of Limnos for 22 centuries, dedicated to the god-patron of metallurgy, Hephaestus.
  • The sanctuary of the Kaveiries (8th century B.C.) , dedicated to the cult of Kaveiri. 
  • Mythic Filoctities underwater cave.
  • The archaeological site of Poliochni or Eptapolis, a prehistoric city considered to be Europe’s most ancient (5000BC).
  • Castle of Myrina.
  • The archeological museum in Myrina.
  • The art gallery of modern Balkan arts in Kontias.
  • The Church of Saint Demetrius, sample of Byzantine religious architecture in Kontias. 
  • Museum of naval tradition in Nea Koutali.
  • Windmills in Kontias.
  • Panagia Kakaviotissa, a roofless church built inside a cave.
  • The Sand tunes in Gomati, a small desert on an otherwise lush island.