Kontias Stone Residences


An authentic stone village built from the local granite stone, carefully worked and functionally incorporated on  each construction. The naming of the village comes from Kontea, a Byzantine big scale landholder who lived in the area during the Venetian domination (1207-1276).

The location of the village was originally on a beach nearby, but during the Middle Ages was abandoned due to the frequent pirate raids. Since then and until this day it is well protected and hidden between three pine tree covered hills.

Seven carefully restored windmills decorate the two village entrances and remind us of the history of Limnos which for thousands of years served as the Aegean sea granary. The nearby beaches of Evgatis and Diapori, will make an excellent impression on you with their crystal clear waters and their wonderful extra fine white sand.

The village nowadays has a standard population of 500 people , that are mainly occupied in breeding livestock, agriculture , fishing and of course with the preservation of our architectural inheritance.

Every summer Kontias is transformed into a n intercultural meeting place for people from all around the world.

It is mostly addressed to lovers of the authentic beauty of the Aegean sea natural and structural environment.

Enjoyable vacations in an unspoilt landscape.